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Jennifer's educational background (BS in Athletic Training from CALU) combined with her experience in PA and PT, plus her own athletic accomplishments, has made her into the accomplished coach that she is today.


A runner for almost 30 years, Jennifer was a collegiate athlete running middle distance and later ran her first marathon in 2005 after having her daughter.  She fell in love.


Her first Ultramarathon followed the birth of her son in 2006.  The years after have been filled with many, many miles training for endurance events and triathlons.  In 2018, she completed her first Half Ironman. 

She has now completed over 20 endurance events, and continues strength training while incorporating a positive lifestyle that helps her maintain her fitness and health during her training cycles.

Every client of Jennifer's has a diverse set of goals and abilities; her experience makes her adept at creating custom plans for each client that is both achievable and realistic.  This helps each client incorporate new positive lifestyle habits into their lives.


Are you ready to make a change? Contact Jennifer for more info.

Jennifer Semsey
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