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Jumpstart Your Health

Fit Woman

Buzz Session

This thorough, complimentary get-to-know-you session is the kick off for all the great things to come.  We will discuss your health history, fitness goals, and learn a little more about each other.  I'll send you all the necessary forms and we will together create your custom plan to ensure your goals are reached.


Running Shoes

1:1 F2 Coaching Session

1:1 sessions can be in-person if you are local, or virtual if you are not; the quality of the coaching remains the same.  You'll receive direct, easy to follow guidance from Jennifer that aligns with all of your previously discussed fitness plan.  


Workout with Fit Ball

2:1 F2 Coaching Session

Have an accountability buddy? Jennifer can coach BOTH of you in a 2:1 session.  You'll have a blast getting in shape alongside your pal with F2 techniques to boost you both towards your fitness goals.


Practicing Yoga

2:1 F2 Coaching Session

Grab all of your besties and sign up for an F2 group session with Jennifer!  Fun, Fitness, and Friends make this F2 class everything you didn't know you needed.  Jennifer will get all of you moving towards your fitness goals, whatever they may be, by offering several variations of  each movement so that everyone can achieve. (1x/week for monthly plan)

$15 drop in


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