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Give Some Love to your Heart

Happy Valentine's Day! As we are sending love to family, friends and significant others - let's not forget about our most important muscle in our bodies....our heart.

During the day, I am a part time para-educator. The great part of this job is getting to see all of the talented teachers providing enriched learning experiences in ways for the students to learn and have fun! While working with students last week, one teacher was making Valentines with her class. These were not the usual Valentines. The lesson included learning about the heart. The students learned that their fist is the size of their heart. One student turned around to proudly tell me that his dad has the biggest heart because he has the biggest hands! Also included was learning where to find their radial pulse and count how many times their heart beats in a minute.

Such an important lesson for children. As well as a great conversation starter when the students got home with their Valentines.

As adults we need to remember to love our hearts. In health and fitness we are prioritizing our heart health with choices we makes several times throughout every day.

Those choices with goal setting, nutrition, as well as rest and recovery.

A healthy heart is vital to overall good health.

Here are ways to prioritize heart health

  • Make stress relief a part of each day.

  • Continue to eat healthy, nutritious, well balanced whole foods. Add colorful veggies to your protein rich meals.

  • Increase your step count by going on a walk, taking the stairs, parking further than you usually would.

  • Plan out your weekly activity to include strength, cardio and rest days. Always remember that rest days are just as important as your workout days.

  • Stay hydrated!

  • Get your annual check ups with your provider.

  • Smile more.

Keep up the great work! We are all on this health journey together. No matter your past experiences or where your are today. We are getting there. Keep cheering each other on, As this is what our children see. They see us making good choices and living healthy lives. Leading by positive example is the best we can do for our future health and fitness warriors.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day! Love your self and keep up the positive self talk. Your heart will be better for it.

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